Monday, October 3, 2016

Comeback Kid

Fall Ball 2016

 I'm so very proud of my baby boy. He's back at his favorite sport.
He suffered a pretty bad break in his right ankle back in March and it was a long journey to reach this point.

He even managed to smile at the emergency room...

His sweet teammates were so supportive throughout his injury. This photo was taken one week after the accident. Spencer was determined to show up to the game...

Fast forward four months. Can't say enough about the gentleman in the center. Coach Butler finally decided to hang up his coaching hat after over forty years of coaching. Our family is so blessed that Spencer was able to be a part of his legacy.

Back on the pitcher's mound & first base!

So many life lessons were learned by our whole family throughout this ordeal. First and foremost, I was reminded of the power of healing by my Lord and Savior. I felt all the prayers of my family and friends and am forever grateful for their support. Secondly, it gave Spencer a greater appreciation for children who don't have the ability to run, play various sports and other physical limitations they may have. He's already a sensitive boy and I believe this experience helped him to sympathize greater with others. Finally, I am grateful for the huge support system that my family has. There are too many people to list so I won't even try. I will acknowledge the outstanding surgeon, Dr. Brent Sachlaben and the amazing staff at Arkansas Children's Hospital. I will never look at that hospital the same. It's really a blessing to have such a high-caliber hospital in my city.

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