Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday's Tips From Traci

"Empty Nest Syndrome"

Question 1- Tell us about your family

I am a single parent of one girl whose 18 years old. She goes to school 4 hours away in Chicago to a non- traditional campus. I am an educator, currently working with youth who have not made the best choices in school and are credit deficient. I love being a parent as  well as working with youth. I also find television and movie watching very entertaining. I love watching football and learning more about the game each season. 

Question 2- How did you prepare Lauren for college?

I prepared Lauren for college by giving her appropriate responsibilities. I also spent the summer away from her in hopes of  equipping her with the confidence to be responsible and security of me being there to support her and not carry her through these years...essentially being independent and still needing mom as a guide.

Question 3- What has been the hardest/most challenging part of having an empty nest?

The hardest part for me is doing things that have always been done with both of us and it just being me now...like attending church. we have been attending church as a family and now to worship alone seems weird.

Question 4 - What advice would you give to moms who are getting ready to experience an empty nest?

Before your child leaves...make a life for yourself that is separated from being a mom. I have always had a life outside of motherhood such as dating and hanging with friends having grown up fun. Although I had that, my life still involved being actively responsible for her and talking about her day when we returned home.

Question 5- As an educator, what advice would you give to a high school student who's preparing for college?

Have a plan for your life after high school early, even if it changes...It is still good to have a goal that way you are directed towards an end. that end may change from freshman year to senior year and that's fine. day 1 freshman year grades are vital...you are building the foundation for your GPA. Take all assessments seriously because you don't know what doors you are closing by not taking assessments seriously. When it's time for your senior year, make a timeline of tasks scholarships & applications to complete and stick to it.

Me and the high school graduate at her first birthday party....

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